Billboard campaign throughout Amsterdam. A billboard campaign is a marketing or advertising strategy that involves the use of billboards to convey a message, promote a product, service, event, or cause, or build brand awareness. Billboards are large, outdoor advertising structures typically located along highways, major roads, and in high-traffic areas …


An interview with background info was published online by FotolabKiekie  


Two pictures published in Portici, a new luxury magazine about classical music in The Netherlands and Belgium.


Publication in Het Parool. The article also describes the cover photo I made for this album: He looks incisively into the lens on the cover photo of his CD. Intriguing vertical lines cover his face. They are the shadows of the harp strings, but it looks as if he is crying …

Tomorrow Eyes

The album Tomorrow Eyes by harpist Remy van Kesteren will be released on January 7, 2016.